Virtual Show Entry Rules


By entering the show, the entrant agrees to abide by the listed guidelines
and understands that MDGA rules shall govern before/during/and after the show.

Entries will not be accepted incomplete.

All photos and payment are required at the time of submission.

-ALL photos must be resized to a maximum of 1MB.

Any photos that have been edited to improve the appearance of the goat will NOT be accepted.

– Photos must be taken on solid, flat surfaces. Entries with goats standing in grass, deep straw/bedding will not be entered in the show.

– Once submitted, all entries are final and may not be swapped,  replaced, or pulled at any time unless requested by the V-Show Coordinator or MDGA.

– If incorrect photos are submitted, members will have 72 hours after being contacted by the V-Show Coordinator to provide acceptable photos, otherwise, the goat will be scratched from the show.

– All mini breeds are accepted including Nigerian Dwarves. All animals MUST be registered with MDGA.

– Under no circumstances will refunds be given for incorrect submissions/entries or in the event a goat must be pulled from the show.

– If entering the goat as an “agent”, the owner of the goat, as well as the agent must be current MDGA Members. The owner of the goat must give approval to have their goat(s) entered in the show and must notify the V-show coordinator that they are allowing an agent to show the goat.

– The V-Show Coordinator may not give insight on what photos are most flattering for your animal. The owner/agent must use his or her discernment when entering.

– Judges will give written reasons for the top ten animals in each class. Written reasons beyond the first ten animals will be at the judge’s discretion. Every animal will be placed.

– If one or more breeds do not make class sanction, they will be grouped together under AOM (All Other Minis).


Entry Form Demo