Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe
Grand Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Queen’s Gambit ChocoChip Mochi

Breeder/Owner: Stephanie Hyde
Sire: Gardenviewfarm Aragorn
Dam: The Deering Livestock Phoebe

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The Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe Grand Champion is Entry D from the Junior class.  In General Appearance she has strong straight legs, good length of bone, a level topline with a more desirable slope to her rump, and smooth blending of the neck into her high withers.  At her young age she shows good depth in the heart girth and barrel in Body Capacity. 

Judge: Ed Kinser

Wild In Wild DM Tanya

Breeder: Brett Zimmerman
Owner: Dominique Ervin
Sire: Wild In Wild D Delmore
Dam: Wild In Wild P EmmyLou

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Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe is the First Place Senior Yearling. In young stock, correct feet and legs are a must, and this doe is showing the most correct feet and legs of all the ND Junior Doe entries.  Though rather hairy, she is also showing a level topline and smooth blending.

Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe
Reserve Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen


Wooly Dog Down Nixy Slippers

Breeder/Owner: Emily McKeague
Sire: Wooly Dog Down CJ Ezequiel
Dam: Wooly Dog Down Ladyslipper
Nixy Slippers Side better
The Nigerian Dwarf Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe is Entry A from the Senior class.  In General Appearance she has good width throughout especially in her rump as seen from the top and back, she excels in her long level topline being sharp at the withers giving a nice uphill appearance.  She has a nice extension to the brisket and smooth blending in her front end assembly.

Judge: Ed Kinser


Platinum Sky HS Millie

Breeder: Kaitlin Hackbarth
Owner: Amy Kurth
Sire: Sinai Thunder Han Solo
Dam: Platinum Sky W Dream Weaver
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Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe is the First Place Senior Kid.  This doe is showing good depth and width and nice blending throughout.  She is also showing a well-shaped escutcheon between those straight rear legs.