All Other Miniatures Junior Buck
Grand Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Queen’s Gambit Great Scott

Breeder/Owner: Stephanie Hyde
Sire: Gardenviewfarm Aragorn
Dam: DinoNate Mira
Breed: Mini Alpine

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The AOM Junior Buck Grand Champion is the Mini Alpine Entry D from the Intermediate Class.  In General Appearance he has good angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side, smooth blending of the long neck into the high withers, and level through his chine and loin. In Body Capacity he is deep in the heart girth and barrel.

Judge: Ed Kinser

Beamon Farms Tango

Breeder/Owner: Shannon Beamon
Sire: Wings & Caprines Little Willie
Dam: Schatzgeiss Broken Halo

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Grand Champion AOM Junior Buck is the Senior Kid.  He shows the best overall style and appearance of any entries in the AOM Junior Bucks.  He shows good width in both the chest and the rear, with a well-shaped escutcheon, and stands on strong feet and legs,

All Other Miniatures Junior Buck
Reserve Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen


Stonecreek R Red robin

Breeder/Owner: Melissa Sargent
Sire: Mistwood PC Raven
Dam: Ober-D’rainbow KRY Lallie
Breed: Mini Oberhasli

The AOM Junior Buck Reserve Grand Champion is the Mini Oberhasli Entry B from the Intermediate class.  In General Appearance he has straight strong legs, more level in the topline especially in the chine, smoother blending from loin into a rump that has a desirable slope, more extension to the brisket and has a flatter more refined shoulder from above.  In Body Capacity he is deeper in the barrel.

Judge: Ed Kinser


Stonecreek F Dinero

Breeder/Owner: Melissa Sargent
Sire: 5 Fold farm EN Fifty
Dam: Ober-D’rainbow EVN Maykee
Breed: Mini Oberhasli

 Reserve Champion AOM Junior Buck is the First Place Junior Kid.  He shows good width and depth, and correct leg structure when viewed from the side.