Mini Nubian Junior Doe
Grand Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Golden Plains M Scarlet Oak

Breeder/Owner: Sarah Drga
Sire: Golden Plains FW Magnum
Dam: Golden Plains FW Sassafras *P

Scarlet side
Strong competition in this Mini Nubian Champion lineup for Junior Does!
Congratulations to All!

However, the Mini Nubian Grand Champion Junior Doe is Entry L from the Senior Yearling class.  In her maturity Entry L has the advantage in Body Capacity being deep in the heart girth and barrel.  In General Appearance she has good width throughout, good angulation of the rear legs from the side, sharper in the withers, smooth blending all through her long topline especially from loin into a more desirable slope to the rump and she shows good breed character.  From above she shows smooth blending of her front end assembly giving a clear dairy wedge in Dairy Character.

Judge: Ed Kinser

Kessel Run BC Wild Olive

Breeder/Owner: Cassandra Baldovinos
Sire: VCH EdensLily Blue Camembert
Dam: Running River Denali’s Ladybug 4*M

Side Olive

Grand Champion Mini Nubian Junior Doe is our First Place Senior Kid.  For a young animal, this doeling shows excellent width and depth, general over-all good conformation, and a beautifully shaped escutcheon.

Mini Nubian Senior Doe
Reserve Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen


Rafter O Wild Verbena

Breeder/Owner: Kerry ONeal
Sire: Rite Choice Memphis Blue
Dam: Rafter O Four Leaf Clover
Verbena Side

The Mini Nubian Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe is Entry H from the Senior Yearling Class.  Again, this doe has the advantage in her Body Capacity being very deep in her heart girth and barrel.   In General Appearance Entry H exhibits strong straight legs from the front and rear with good angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side,  good width in her chest floor, and she has good length of bone as seen through her topline with smooth blending from the loin into a more correct slope from hips to pins.  This doe also shows good breed character for a Generation 3.

Judge: Ed Kinser


Rainbow’s End Eye of the Storm

Breeder/Owner: Lisa Stoke
Sire: Hoppin Hooves Corbin
Dam: Breeze Creek’s MME Josephine

Reserve Champion Mini Nubian Junior Doe will be the Second Place Senior Kid.  She is an eye-catcher in general appearance, shows nice dairy characteristics, a long bone pattern, and smooth blending.