Mini Lamancha Junior Buck
Grand Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Golden 8’s Garden TOP Long Ranger

Breeder/Owner: Erika Winterton
Sire: SAB One Hot Topspin
Dam: Golden 8’s Garden BLU Rosalie Wylie

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The Mini Lamancha Grand Champion Junior Buck is Entry A from the Intermediate class.  In General Appearance he is wider in the chest floor and in the rump, his fore legs are more properly placed under the withers and the rear legs have more angulation when viewed from the side.  In Body Capacity he is deeper in the heart girth and barrel.

Judge: Ed Kinser

Stonecreek N Mercury

Breeder/Owner: Melissa Sargent
Sire: DLMG Farms ATL Neptune
Dam: SG Ober-D’Rainbow VNT Zelbekiko

Marcury 2

Grand Champion Junior LaMancha Buck is the First Place Junior Kid.  He has a strong general appearance with good blending, a level topline that is higher in the withers, shows good width, and has a correctly-shaped escutcheon.

Mini Lamancha Junior Buck Reserve Champion

Judge: Lavinia Allen


SAB Cherry On Top

Breeder/Owner: Jessica Bischoff
Sire: Sunspring’s WBJ Lemon Ice
Dam: SAB Sassy Esmeralda

The Mini Lamancha Reserve Grand Champion Junior Buck is Entry A from the Senior class.  In General Appearance he has good width between the hocks, high and wide in the escutcheon area, straighter in the fore legs and from the top he has smoother blending of the shoulder into the chest wall.  In Body Capacity he shows more of an increase in depth from heart girth to flank.

Judge: Ed Kinser


StoryBrook Loki

Breeder: Novella Cummings
Owner: Denise Harlow
Sire: Glimmercroft Boreas
Dam: StoryBrook Callisto
loki side

Reserve Champion Junior LaMancha Buck is the Second Place Junior Kid. He shows excellent depth and width for a Junior Kid and stands on well-formed feet and legs.